Coffee ConversationsTM
Clarity - Commitment - Results
So, what is Coffee ConversationsTM?

Are you a businesswoman who works for and by herself? Or who FEELS like she works by herself even though she has co-workers?

Are you feeling isolated, with

and no one to CHEER YOU ON???

What difference would it make in your business life if you had a group of other businesswomen who were dedicated to your success? Who would listen to you every week as you described your challenges and your triumphs? Who would hold you accountable to your promises with affection, humor and commitment?

If this sounds good to you, please consider visiting one of the five active chapters of Coffee ConversationsTM in Albuquerque and Santa Fe. We meet weekly for facilitated discussions on life and business goals. Projects and milestones are declared, achieved and celebrated. Obstacles are identified and overcome. Best of all, there is laughter, hugging, and tissues shared for the occasional tears. You are no longer alone.

For more information on locations and times, click here.
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