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Why work with a private coach???

Are you feeling stuck?

Coaching is a powerful tool for success designed to produce unprecedented results in all areas of personal and professional growth, freeing you from the hidden barriers that keep you from the success you desire.

Does life seem predictable to you?

My commitment is to bring all my training in analysis and the study of being to support you as you break through barriers from the past to effectively design a life you love.  An affiliate of Accomplishment Coaching, I completed their rigorous 12-month Coaches’ Training Program in April 2007I’ve been involved in transformational work since 1999, and during 18 years at an electric utility, I was trained in team building, root cause analysis, process improvement, project management, and logistics coordination.  

Are you READY for something DIFFERENT?

I coach powerful people to produce UNPRECEDENTED RESULTS in their level of power, effectiveness, and fulfillment in business and in life.  Please join me for a complimentary coaching session to explore what’s possible for you.

You ARE a Powerful Person

Rate Schedule

Private Coaching Agreement - 3 Month Contract - 4 weekly one-hour sessions per month. Cost = $440 per month (plus tax).

Private Coaching Agreement
- Month-to-Month Contract - 4 weekly one-hour sessions. Cost = $500 (plus tax).

Single Coaching Session
- single one-hour session. Cost = $150 (plus tax).

Coffee Conversations
- (group coaching for entrepreneurial businesswomen) - 4 weekly one-hour sessions. Cost = $110 per month (plus tax).

To schedule a complimentary 60-minute consult with Leslie, click on the link below.
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